On our site, you can see upcoming calendar events, purchase yearbooks (spring), donate to our fundraisers, sign up to volunteer, receive class emails, and much, much more.  Because the PTA is such an integral part of the events and programs at Valencia, it is super helpful to register.  

Signing up with Membership Toolkit is not the same as joining the PTA.


Membership Toolkit is the service that empowers us to make purchases, complete paperwork, and coordinate our volunteer efforts —all online. The goal is to save time, and work together more smoothly!



*RETURNING STUDENTS: You need to re-register each year - please be sure to update your account with your teachers name, once you have this information. 











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It's never too late to join!! 

We love our SPONSORS!

We are SO THANKFUL to our Sponsors for their generosity! If you would like to be a sponsor of the great programs at Valencia, let us know!



New to Valencia?  Contact our New Families Team to get on our New Families listing so we can help you get connected and welcome you to our community! 


Adopt-A-Book for the Valencia Library here!



 Want to donate to Valencia "for free"?

Learn about simple ways to give back to Valencia just by shopping like you normally do! Click here for information about our on-going community fundraisers.



Invite family and friends to enjoy a great meal and support Valencia! Just show the fundraising flyer and a percentage of your total bill will be donated to our school.

Click HERE for the List of Foodraisers

 Useful Links 

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Fourth District PTA
California State PTA
National PTA
SVUSD Website
SVUSD Parent Portal


One of the most important roles of California State PTA is to create and support laws that improve the lives of all California children. Find out more here.

Attention Volunteers!

In the spirit of safety, the Saddleback Valley Unified School District requires that all volunteers who have limited contact with students must have a completed Volunteer Form on file. This requirement needs to be honored each year. Simply complete the volunteer form, and return to the front office with a copy of a valid picture ID (CA driver’s license or passport).  A proof of freedom from TB is recommended but not required. Thank you for helping our school run efficiently.