Choir is back at Valencia and your student has the opportunity to sing patriotic songs at flag raisings, classical & popular music at choir performances and more!


Choir is akin to a team sport in that students must work together and listen to one another to reach their collective goals. It is our hope that your child will gain confidence in themselves and others, foster community, and gain a lifelong love of singing.


A Choir Committee has been formed to find our next Choir Director for Spring of 2019. We will update this page once a Director has been chosen.


Fall Rehearsals


There will be no Fall program in 2018 



Fall Performances


There will be no Fall program in 2018 



Spring Rehearsals 


Stay tuned for spring rehearsal dates and times!  



Spring Performances


Stay tuned for spring performance dates and times! 



Your PTA Choir Chair is Tasha Brown.

Please contact her at with any PTA related questions for the program (choir registration, funding, coordinating parent volunteers, and more).